Hayley Bevan

Growing up in Italy I was surrounded by art and fashion at an early age, I think I have always been a very visual person, my mother played a really big role in introducing me to costume design through films and books, the faded images of old Hollywood movies were always playing on our television.

The lightning bolt struck one balmy italian evening as I was observing some older ladies making their way to our little village church, everything about them from the black taffeta dresses and the black lace veils  which they wore over their violet hued hair interested me, how you could tell that the contrast of the light grey of the rosary beads had been thought of in advance.

After that clothes and the people who wore them became my mood board, I knew I wanted to work with clothes aesthetically, but I didn’t know what a stylist was back then. Fast Track some time later and a move to the UK I found myself  working for a womenswear brand where I quickly realised what I enjoyed the most was giving customers options on what and how to wear the current lines, and when the same customers started coming back regularly  to ask for more advice, I knew I was doing something right. After the birth of my son I studied for a degree in fashion styling and subsequently became a freelance stylist. When I started working as a stylist I realised how clothes have the ability to shape behaviour; how a garment that has been well designed and styled can project inner confidence. As a stylist my first approach to a client is finding out what they would like their image to be.

It’s also about experimentation and pushing my creativity far enough that my clients are initially surprised by unexpected styling choices and then end up falling completely in love with them.

I have been lucky enough to meet and work with some amazing people and clients on my journey. My my experience in style and fashion is always evolving  and whether i’m styling a modern take on the skirt suit, or on the lookout for that showstopping gown, my main objective is  for each client to become “the ones worth watching” stylewise.



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